• Required No. of Employee's : 2
  • Salary : Non Paid Internship
  • Duration of Employment : 6 months
  • Prefered Sex : Male/Female
  • Sector of Vacancy : Import/ Export and IT Services

Qualification/Work Experience :

  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
    - Understanding of full lifecycle recruiting
    - Demonstrate strong analytical and collaborative skills
    - Ability to be careful and thorough about detail
    - Ability to analyze information and use logic to address work-related issues and problems
    - Ability to manage and prioritize several parallel workstreams
    - Ability to work proficiently with Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook
    - Ability to present to both small and large audiences
    - Ability to handle high level of confidentiality
    - Excellent communications skills
    - Ability to comprehend and interpret documents and data

Job Description:

  • This is an non-paid internship for now, But if your performance goes beyond the level. Bingo You will be the permanent part of the company.
    ------100% Remote Position-----
    - Offer Letter
    - Experience Letter
    - Letter of Recommendation (for exceptional performance)
    - Letter of Appraisal **
    - Award for the Best Performer

Employer : Al-Falah Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Location : C/O Gafar Bhai Mahmad Bhai Arab, B/H Victor Khar Area, Darbarni Dukanvalo Khacho Bhavnagar