Qualification/Work Experience :

  • Adding new hiring information to our employee records, evaluating resumes and scheduling interviews.
    Managing the team and ensuring that your team meets weekly business engagement metrics.
    Working with the management of Alfalah Enterprises to coordinate initiative ( this involves representing the company and speaking on it\'s behalf).
    Managing leadership.

Job Description:

  • This is an non-paid internship for now, But if your performance goes beyond the level. Bingo You will be the permanent part of the company.
    ------100% Remote Position-----
    - Offer Letter
    - Experience Letter
    - Letter of Recommendation (for exceptional performance)
    - Letter of Appraisal **
    - Award for the Best Performer

Employer : Al-Falah Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Location : C/O Gafar Bhai Mahmad Bhai Arab, B/H Victor Khar Area, Darbarni Dukanvalo Khacho Bhavnagar